Do solar pool ionizer work?

Step 1: Let the Solar pool ionizer simply floats in the pool, make sure it under the sunlight.
Step 2: The solar panel converts sunlight into low voltage harmless electricity. The electrical current energies the anode releases mineral Cu ions into the water. Also the LED lights up.
Step 3: The Ionized water could inhibit the growth of microorganism and algae in pool. The solar pool ionizer also collects undesirable minerals such as calcium and iron. It has the effect of softening your water.

Solar pool ionizer instructions

The solar pool ionizer will protect your swimming pool from microbial attack and spread. The ionization produced by solar energy converts the water in the pool into ionized water., which is bio-healthy and resistant to algae and bacteria.

Depending on the amount of water, weather conditions, etc., the ionization time may take a week or more. The required ionization level cannot be reached immediately, and the pool water should be kept at a norma health level during the ionization period.

1. Check the pool water quality, chlorine content should be maintained in the range of about 1.0 PPM-4.0 PPM. The PH is maintained between 7.0 and 7.8. When the PH is between 7 and 7.8, the ionization rate is the fastest and the effect is good. When the PH is less than 7, the ionization is slower.

2. Put the solar pool ionizer into the swimming pool to ensure that the sun shines on the solar panels as much as possible every day.

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Solar pool ionizer electrode work changes

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From left to right is the change of the sacrificial electrode during use:

Sacrificial electrode
Copper electrodes are sacrificial, are slowly decomposing. The use time of the electrode depends on various factors such as water quality, illumination, etc., and the use time is about 1-3 years. It is recommended to replace it when it reaches approximately 1 cm in diameter. The copper electrode forms residual deposits during slow consumption and requires periodic cleaning (one week is recommended).

Permanent electrode
The permanent spring-shaped electrode is made of stainless steel and is not consumed. Normally it does not need to be replaced, but mineral deposits of calcium will adhere to the spring-shaped electrode and require regular cleaning, especially in salt/calcium content comparisons high hard water area.

Effective test
Place the solar-ionized electrode in a glass bottle filled with water, and place it in the sunlight to let the electrode energize. After a while, it will find tiny bubbles on the electrode, start the ionization process, and the equipment works normally.
It also controls the growth of algae in ornamental ponds and can be used in the presence of plants and fish without causing any harm to them.

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Solar pool ionizer maintenance

During use, mineral deposits adhere to the electrodes, limiting current flow, resulting in the ion to slow down and even be interrupted,, requiring weekly cleaning of the electrodes. In the early days of ionization, we recommend cleaning the electrode twice in one week, because if the ionization is reduced or interrupted during this time, the pool water will need to add additional chemicals.
Electrode cleaning method:
1) Place the unit face down, preferably on a soft object to damage the panel and body.
2) Rinse the electrode with water first, then gently unscrew the bottom baffle, gently pull out the spring-type electrode, and wash the center electrode and permanent electrode with the equipped brush.
3) Reinstall both electrodes back into the unit after cleaning.
The cleaner the electrode, the higher the efficiency of operation and the faster the ions will occur.