Solar pool ionizer maintenance

Solar Pool Ionizer, Solar Swimming Pool Ionizer
Solar Pool Ionizer, Solar Swimming Pool Ionizer

Solar swimming pool ionizer purifier maintenance

During use, mineral deposits adhere to the electrodes, limiting current flow, resulting in the ion to slow down and even be interrupted,, requiring weekly cleaning of the electrodes. In the early days of ionization, we recommend cleaning the electrode twice in one week, because if the ionization is reduced or interrupted during this time, the pool water will need to add additional chemicals.

Solar pool ionizer electrode cleaning method:

1) Place the unit face down, preferably on a soft object to damage the panel and body.

2) Rinse the electrode with water first, then gently unscrew the bottom baffle, gently pull out the spring-type electrode, and wash the center electrode and permanent electrode with the equipped brush.

3) Reinstall both electrodes back into the unit after cleaning.

The cleaner the electrode, the higher the efficiency of operation and the faster the ions will occur.

ONOSI Solar Pool Ionizer, TUV, CE Certification

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Application: Home; Pools: 80m³; Output Voltage: 6V; Gross weight: 1.6kg

Solar Swimming Pool Ionizer Purifier
Solar Swimming Pool Ionizer Purifier



ONOSI Solar is China’s solar thermal utilization industry director unit, obtained “the low carbon economic contribution award” issued by the solar technology promotion center of United Nations industrial development organization.

ONOSI Solar fully implements the ISO900 international quality system authentication, has passed field inspections by TUV and other authoritative organizations. Won the certification of SOLAR KEYMARK, CE, ROHS, etc.

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