What's solar pool ionizer

During the ionization process, copper ions are released into the water, making it impossible for microorganisms such as algae and bacteria to survive in swimming pools and ponds. Unlike chlorine products, copper ions remain effective because they are not affected by temperature, evaporation or radiation. It purifies up to 80 cubic meters of water and is ideal for eliminating viruses, bacteria and algae. Ionized water can help reduce the use of chlorine in traditional disinfection products in the pool by most 90%,It also allows the facility to be reduced in maintenance. Compared to traditional chemical disinfection, ionization has several advantages, and it is even used in spacecraft to keep the purity of drinking water.

Effect on the human body
In the book《 The Influence of Ions》, the advantages of ionized water purification are demonstrated. Ion therapy has been used to treat asthma and bronchitis and has proven to be beneficial for burn patients. Ions stimulate the activity of human organs, rejuvenating the nervous system and enhancing physical strength.

Lasting effect
Since the ions do not evaporate, the water will remain clear for a long time. The intense light and high temperature in summer will not reduce the effectiveness of the ions. The stronger the sunlight, the better the ionization performance, because it uses solar energy.

Safe and non-toxic
Made of high quality materials, the anode copper is the main component, made of high quality copper and subjected to strict quality control.

No need to install
It's very simple to use, it doesn't require any installation, you just need to open the package and put it in the pool.

Solar swimming pool ionizer advantage

Safety and environmental protection
When the ONOSI solar Ionizer floats in the water, sunlight is converted into electrical energy when it hits the upper solar panel. The harmless low-power current energizes the electrodes located below the waterline, causing ionization and the generated ions are released into the water. It can save you up to 70-80% of swimming pool maintenance costs, and the pool can be used up to 80 cubic meters.

Healthy and efficient
This advanced eco-purifier is completely non-toxic and the ionized water quality standard exceeds the EPA (US Environmental Protection Agency) drinking water standard.Copper ions diffuse into the water through electrolysis, which fatally inhibits the survival and reproduction of microorganisms and algae.

Reduce chemical use
It can reduce the use of up to most 90% chlorine and other chemicals (such as algaecides, clarifiers, etc.).

Clean and healthy
It provides a safe and healthy bath. eliminates discomfort caused by chlorine.After bathing, the eyes are no longer red, no harmful effects of chlorine such as no dry skin, no bad smell,no bleaching discoloration in swimsuits.
It also controls the growth of algae in ornamental ponds and can be used in the presence of plants and fish without causing any harm to them.

Soften water
In addition to producing beneficial mineral ions, solar water purifiers also eliminate some unwanted minerals, such as calcium and iron, which also soften the water to some extent.
This product is widely used in the purification of swimming pools, viewing ponds, fountains and other water bodies.

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