Why choice solar pool ionizer

Bright sunshine, excellent air, beautiful environment, healthy and clean water!

A clean and healthy swimming pool gives you the most healthy and comfortable bathing experience. It only requires 10% of the chlorine you routinely use and does not require other chemicals such as algaecide! Because these chemicals will harm your health!

Please stop swimming in the chemicals!

Solar swimming pool ionizer avoid chlorine!

1: Why avoid excessive use of chlorine?
In addition to some known adverse effects, such as: bad smells, allergic reactions to the body, irritation to the eyes and skin, discoloration of the clothes, etc., there are many other adverse effects, such as: it can cause damage to the respiratory system. It is carcinogenic, so it is banned in many countries. Chlorine not only corrodes metals, but also corrodes other facilities in the pool.

2: What are the disadvantages of using chlorine?
Chlorine cleaning is good, but it quickly evaporates from the water and need to be constantly replenished to maintain its concentration, protect the bather's health. Moreover, chlorine is judged by the American Public Health Association as “a threat to water, production sites, mass consumer products and the public health of the entire environment”, so solar ion purifiers are reducing the risk of chlorine and other chemicals present in swimming pools. It is an ideal choice.

3: What is the damage from using chlorine?
Various reports and scientific studies have shown that swimming in a chlorine-sterilized swimming pool may be a risk factor for the development and progression of asthma in children, so some scientists thought “suggesting children under the age of six to stop using the swimming pool.” (from the Spanish Pediatric Association Information description)
Chlorine is carcinogenic and is good for the development of asthma, especially in children! Studies have shown that swimming pool chemicals are five times more harmful to children than second-hand smoke, so you must avoid excessive use of chemicals!